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Blue Seventy - Men's Thermal Helix Wetsuit - Ex-Rental

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Blue Seventy - Thermal Helix Wetsuit - Men's

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The BlueSeventy Thermal Helix Wetsuit is the world’s first purpose built wetsuit for cold open water swimming.

Designed to allow you to swim for as long as possible in cold water, the Thermal Helix Wetsuit is perfect for swimmers who want to train all year round!


The Product: 

The Thermal Helix wetsuit is a more insulating take on the original Helix. It is still just as easy to pull on and off, and the quality and thickness of the neoprenes is still the same. However, underneath the neoprene, the thermal suit has an Orange Zirconium lining which will help to keep you warm by decreasing the amount of water absorbed. The liner is extremely fast drying, which will help to you keep you as lightweight as possible.

With arms of just 1mm, the suit provides the ultimate flexibility for your upper body, whilst still providing warmth and buoyancy with 5mm chest and torso sections. The chest is split into two panels by a further, more stretchy, panel to allow you to remain buoyant whilst still having room to breathe and move properly. 

The leg panels are 4mm, keeping them elevated and helping to improve your posture in the water by encouraging a downwards-swimming position. The sides are 3mm to encourage hip rotation and improve your stroke. All of these details will increase your distance per stroke, and ultimately speed you up.

On the lower arms of the suit there are ‘catch panels’ that work by slightly increasing the amount of surface area you can cover with one stroke. The zip is pulled from top to bottom, to avoid a bulky zip irritating your skin as you turn to breathe yet also allowing the neckline to be lowered and made more comfortable. The knee sections are just 2mm and ribbed so that they do not ride up when you run or swim.


 Key Features: 

  • ULTRA INSULATING – the full body zirconium lining will keep you as warm as possible, whilst still allowing you the flexibility provided by the neoprene. The classic catch panels from the original Helix have also been replaced to solid neoprene, so they will not let in any cold water.

  • MULTI-DENSITY – the suit is thinner in places where you need freedom of movement, yet there are targeted areas of thicker neoprene to improve buoyancy, your position in the water and stroke. The varied density creates a more efficient swim, meaning less fatigue and more speed!

  • FLEXIBLE – a flexible thinner panel parts the suit’s chest; this allows you complete upper body movement and room to breathe. The shoulder panels are also just 1.5mm so that you’re as comfortable as possible and your stroke remains natural.

  • EASY PULL ON/OFF –  the panels are just 2mm and begin at the knee and become wider around the ankle to allow a fast transition. The high-stretch silicone lined cuffs simultaneously stop water from getting into the suit and help it to be removed easily.

  • REVERSE ZIP – creating a lower and more comfortable neckline and no awkward zip sitting at the back of your neck whilst you swim.

We would recommend the BlueSeventy Thermal Cap and Thermal Gloves to retain more body heat during long, chilly swims.


 The Brand:

Based in New Zealand, BlueSeventy focus on providing top quality products for swimmers. As the creators of one of the most popular wetsuits of all time, the Helix, their aim is to enhance the swimming experience of all athletes who choose to wear BlueSeventy products.


Call us today on 0207 183 7245 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.


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