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Blue Seventy - Reaction Ex Rental Wetsuit Hired Once - Men's

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Blue Seventy - Reaction Ex Rental Wetsuit Hired Once - Men's



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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Since its introduction in 2006, the Reaction has helped more athletes accomplish their goals than any other wetsuit. Why? It offers the best performance to value ratio on the market. For this iteration we stripped the design down to the basic goals and rebuilt it to give a completely new look and feel. First up, proven RST panels paired with over-sized high stretch arm gussets allow unrestricted reach in the water, while the full 39 cell Yamamoto rubber achieves superior buoyancy and flexibility throughout the entire suit. Add to that a revised low neckline and VO2 chest panel and you’ve got a suit that delivers everything you need in training and racing. When you boil it all down, Newton’s Third Law is what makes it possible for you to swim. The Reaction simply makes you go faster.

100% Yamamoto Neoprene with a SCS (SUPER COMPOSITE SKIN) coating provides a low drag external surface and impressive buoyancy. Combined with our A- FLEX jersey lining the Reaction delivers high performance flexibility and buoyancy.

  • Buoyancy: The Reaction tiers buoyancy 4-5-4, centralizing Core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the swimmer.
  • Chest: Rating 4mm - Two side panels of 4mm Yamamoto 38cell Neoprene accentuate natural lung buoyancy to optimize your upper body position relative to the legs.
  • Torso: Rating 5mm - 5mm Yamamoto Neoprene supports the hips and lower torso, lifting the body in the water reducing drag and improving speed. The 5mm panels in the back of the hips, are lateral orientated in order to facilitate raised body position when you roll to the side during breathing.
  • Lower Leg:  Rating 4mm - Research with top swimmers has shown that our 4mm Yamamoto neoprene legs deliver the perfect blend of buoyancy without limiting drive from the kick.

blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit Key Features:

  • Flexibility: Our A-FLEX Orange Jersey highlights the Reactions highly flexible 4 way stretch 1.5mm arms and over sized underarm gussets.
  • VO2 Chest Panel: A central panel of 3mm material laminated with our A-FLEX material maximizes stretch during respiration and improves comfort.
  • Lowered Collar: Our curved closure flap reduced rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chaffing
  • Single Seam Tube Legs: Our tube construction in the lower leg, combines A FLEX material with a single seam to maximize the flexibility and promote a quick release from your suit in the transition. Liquid taping on the internal seam reinforces and allows you to cut the leg to your desired height.
  • Knee Flex Panels: Our 2 mm KNEE FLEX panels assist with knee flexion by reducing bunching behind the knee and improve functionality when you need to run to T1.
  • Grip Panels: A textured forearm print onto our high stretch jersey allows the swimmer extra feel for the water and additional grip in the propulsion phase of the stroke.



Blue Seventy Ethos

Since 1993, Blue Seventy have designed, tested, refined and crafted wetsuits and swimskins that transcend the confines of what is possible. In the process, they’ve carried world-class athletes to victory and instilled confidence in beginners.

  • We swim. We compete. We obsess – poring over details that others have and will continue to miss; revolutionary details that equate to comfort, freedom from restriction and competitive advantage.
  • We make products that empower swimmers to achieve their personal bests.
  • We are swimming.
  • We are blueseventy












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