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Clif Bar - Energy & Recovery Bar

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Clif Bar - Energy & Recovery Bar



Great tasting energy bar with 100% organic and sustainable ingredients.



The Product:

CLIF bars are made of a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fibre that supports individuals and athletes who have high energy demands.

As well as being portable, tasty and organic, the bars supply your working muscles with the energy required for long periods of activity. Made from various mixtures of rolled oats, fruits and nuts, each flavour contains B6 and B12; vitamins that encourage the release of energy in the body.

CLIF bars can be used one to three hours before exercising (along with water) to supply energy and prevent hunger, but also during longer, lower intensity activities such as hiking to meet carbohydrate demands. You can always eat a CLIF bar as a tasty snack during a long, busy day to help sustain your energy levels and prevent fatigue!  


Key Features:

  • ENERGY BOOSTING - contains complex carbs, protein and fibre to give a steady release of energy during exercise.
  • NATURAL - the ingredients are 100% organic and sustainable.
  • SLOW-RELEASING - B6 and B12 encourage the slow release of energy in the body.
  • VERSATILE - can be eaten before intense exercise, during sustained activities or simply as a much-needed energy boost on a long day.


The Brand:

CLIF was founded by Gary Erickson in 1992 and all their food comes from family-inspired recipes. All ingredients are organic, sustainable and come from trusted suppliers, and so help to support a healthy planet.

As well as great taste and sustainable ingredients, the bars deliver the right nutrition to fuel your body. CLIF Bars are made to deliver sustained, portable energy for use during extended periods of activity.


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