HUUB - Amphibia II SwimRun Wetsuit - 2018

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HUUB - Amphibia II Swim-Run Wetsuit


Huub Design


HUUB's latest SwimRun wetsuit ensures comfort as well as a superior buoyancy balance.


The Product:

HUUB's Amphibia II wetsuit has evolved; after making subtle changes to the original Amphibia SwimRun, HUUB now have a suit that offers both comfort and buoyancy as you transition from water to land. A SwimRun wetsuit is essentially a suit that functions in and out of water; it is the ultimate piece for those wanting to shave seconds of their time by avoiding a transition between the swim and run. 

The suit offers a smoothskin for reduced drag, with a 3:5 ratio buoyancy for those who require more lift in the legs and hips region than the arms and shoulders. The neoprene, at 3mm, is thin enough to provide HUUB's renowned flexibility whilst still giving you a great level of buoyancy. This, combined with a high stretch lining, helps to keep your stroke as natural as possible in the water.

The suit has a comfort fit neck and ultra-flexible glute panels to ensure you feel uninhibited as you swim. The design also includes long taped seams to allow complete cutting freedom and the control to amend the garment in a way that suits you best.


Key Features:

  • 3:5 ­– this describes the ratio of the buoyancy.  This ratio is designed for those who need more lift in the legs and hips than the arms and shoulders. This buoyancy ratio will help to maintain your body's posture in the water, and thus reduce fatigue as your core will be relieved from a lot of work as it attempts to keep your hips high in the water.  

  • ULTRA FLEXIBLE – the Japanese neoprene is highly flexible, and the superior flexible crotch and glute panels add to the suit's overall high level of flexibility.

  • COMFORT FIT NECK - the comfort fit neck ensures the suit will not cause any annoying chafing or obstruction as you swim.

  • STORAGE  - the suit comes with internal and rear pockets for those race essentials such as nutrition or a GPS.
  • BICEP RELEASE - the suit's design includes bicep release to aid your recovery and catch.
  • CUTTING FREEDOM - the long taped seams allow you to cut the suit where you please.


The Brand: 

At the forefront of sports science and design, HUUB produce triathlon clothing worn by the very best elite athletes. They are constantly researching innovative ways to maximise the potential of the athletes that wear their products.


Call us today on 0207 183 7245 for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.


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Reviews (1)

Hannah 11th Dec 2017


Love the fact I can cut down myself and do it to my own needs!

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Additional Info