HUUB - Core SKN-1 Swimskin - Women's

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HUUB - SKN-1 Swimskin - Women's

With unrivalled hydrophobic properties and streamlining effects, the HUUB Swimskin provides many of the benefits of a wetsuit yet can be used in non-wetsuit events.


Why choose a Swimskin?

Swimskins have been proven to reduce your drag significantly in the water when used in non-wetsuit events, taking minutes of your swim time whilst also improving the position of your body as you swim.


The Product:

The HUUB SKN-1 is made from engineered water resistant fabric that also provides compression – working to give you an advantage in the water. The material is designed to help you increase your speed, with a smooth surface, and the design mimics the structure of HUUB’s X-O Skeleton used in their wetsuits.


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Key Features:

  • Suit design that replicates HUUB’s X-O Skeleton.
  • Close fit creates a streamlined position in the water.
  • Welded seams for durability and comfort.
  • Friction reduced by the use of hydrophobic fabrics and a smooth profile surface.
  • Compression of the body aids the reduction of drag in the water.
  • Redistribution of body mass helps to correct the body’s centre of buoyancy.

The Brand:

On the forefront of sports science and design, HUUB produce triathlon clothing worn by the very best elite athletes. They are constantly researching innovative ways to maximise the potential of the athletes that wear their products.





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