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HUUB Men's Archimedes III 3:5 Triathlon Wetsuit




With a number of improvements, HUUB has redefined the suit's buoyancy and control to continue the Archimedes flagship legacy.


The Product:

The Archimedes III was tested and developed in accordance with HUUB's M.A.D (Measurement of Active Drag) system in order to offer a suit that is faster and more efficient than its previous incarnation. The suit is ideal for a triathlete seeking a 'no suit' feel. 

Three major enhancements make the Archimedes III stand out:

  1. +43 - this groundbreaking wetsuit material is 43% more buoyant than standard neoprene foam. 
  2. Graduated Buoyancy - different newton values of buoyancy provide a tailored profile around your thighs, hips and lower quads to correct your body's centre of balance in the water. A flatter, more streamlined and overall much faster suit profile improves buoyancy and creates an optimal hydrodynamic profile.
  3. Bicep Release 360 - HUUB has taken the original bicep release concept one step further by extending the technology to the tricep area. A more relaxed fabric covering in the bicep and tricep area helps give you better arm positioning and enhances your recovery phase.

The Archimedes remains as flexible and efficient as ever. It lets you exert less energy to achieve the same activity level, and helps boost your speed and stroke.

HUUB's Rotational Freedom Flex panel design gives further freedom, the Calf Release system prevents cramping, and an added breakaway zipper allows for a fast and efficient transition.

The collar is distinctively low, yet highly comfortable, with no stitches, folds or zips to irritate your neck. 


 Key Features:

  • 3:5 ­– this describes the ratio of the buoyancy.  This ratio is designed for those who need more lift in the legs and hips than the arms and shoulders. This buoyancy ratio will help to maintain your body's posture in the water, and thus reduce fatigue as your core will have to do less work in keeping your hips high in the water.  

  • ULTRA FLEXIBLE – the suit's exclusive Rotational Freedom Flex panel design provides incredible freedom of movement and enhances that no-suit feel.

  • ANTI-DRAG – HUUB's exclusive Graduated Buoyancy System is engineered specifically to reduce front drag by raising the lower body in the water to induce a more hydrodynamic profile.

  • BICEP RELEASE 360 - by covering both the bicep and tricep with this technology, the system promotes better arm positioning and enhances the recovery phase.

  • CALF RELEASE SYSTEM - by increasing the volume but reducing the thickness of  the high-stretch material covering the calf area, HUUB has ensured the most natural and unrestricted kick possible, which will not only speed you up but also reduce your risk of cramp.

  • FAST TRANSITION - the breakaway zipper allows for the fastest possible costume switch.


Size Guide:

Mens Wetsuit Size Chart


The Brand: 

Holder of several Best Tri-Suit Brand awards, HUUB is at the forefront of sports science and design, producing triathlon clothing worn by elite athletes. The brand of choice for the Brownlee brothers and Helen Jenkins, HUUB constantly researches innovative ways to maximise the potential of the athletes who wear its products.


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