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Huub - Acara 3.3 Wetsuit




A wetsuit designed specifically to enhance the performance of female triathletes at all levels.


The Product:

With the Acara 3.3 wetsuit, HUUB have engineered a wetsuit that caters to the specific needs of women, including more accurate buoyancy and fantastic flexibility. 

Rather than simply reshaping a man's wetsuit, HUUB have refined the female buoyancy profile of the Acara to best optimise the specific needs of the female body. 

Amongst its features, the suit features HUUB's unique Bicep and Calf Release that promote a better kick, greater efficiency in your stroke and faster suit removal. Flexible panels in the elbow and calf areas allow for natural expansion of the biceps and calves, respectively. In addition, this suit has unrivalled shoulder and arm flexibility and an upgraded X-O Skeleton around the hips for greater buoyancy and support to your core. This helps you to maintain your alignment in the water, improving your efficiency and reducing drag.

The 3.3 version features a 3mm upper and lower body material thickness which is ideal for female swimmers. As women are naturally more buoyant due to possessing lower muscle density, the thinner material in this suit works better than a thicker suit, allowing you to swim in a balanced and efficient position.

The neoprene used to make the suit is 40% more buoyant that standard neoprenes and the suit has been designed with a 'no suit feel' modulus under each arm to support a natural swim and movement in the water. These have been improved by 13% in the latest redesign to the underarm gusset.

HUUB's new and improved neckline has been utilised to improve comfort and flexibility, and to prevent irritation. The suit comes with a breakaway zipper that allows you to remove your suit simply with just one pull.


Key Features: 

  • FEMALE-SPECIFIC - the Acara has been specifically designed to suit the female buoyancy profile.
  • 3:3MM BUOYANCY - this version of the Acara wetsuit is ideal for female swimmers who naturally have a lower muscle density in comparison to male triathletes and do not need as great a level of buoyancy. The thinner material also makes the suit more flexible and easier to remove.
  • QUICK - the bicep calf release systems makes transition even speedier and stress-free.
  • FLEXIBLE - as well as excellent shoulder flexibility, the wetsuit a 13% modulus improvement to the redesigned underarm gusset.
  • EFFICIENT - the bicep and calf release systems make your stroke and kick more efficient by not constricting key areas.
  • COMFORTABLE - the improved lower and more flexible neckline offers excellent comfort.
  • ZIPPER - the suit is designed with a breakaway zipper to allow you to make a fast transition, unaided.


The Brand: 

Awarded Best Tri-Suit Brand of 2016, HUUB are at the forefront of sports science and design, producing triathlon clothing worn by elite athletes. The brand of choice for the Brownlee brothers and Helen Jenkins, HUUB are constantly researching innovative ways to maximise the potential of the athletes who wear their products.


 Call us today on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any queries you may have.


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