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Orca - Predator Wetsuit 2017 - Men's



 The all new Predator wetsuit comes with extended 0.88 Free Technology - enabling complete freedom of your arms as you swim.


The Product:

This suit employs various buoyancy technologies to both improve your position in the water and make you faster.

The mid-to-bottom panels at the front and back of the suit will lift you in the water, whereas the top half of the suit – particularly around the arms and underarms – is thin enough to ensure that you do not feel constricted as you swim. The arms and underarms are just 0.88mm, meaning you have complete freedom of movement from your shoulders to help reduce fatigue.

The core part of the suit is constructed from a stiffer material that may feel slightly unusual when on land, however once you enter the water this buoyancy will mimic the feeling of swimming on a surfboard.  The panels are entirely waterproof meaning that no matter how long you swim; they will not get heavier.  The Predator has been coated in a smooth-skin so that water flows more easily over it, helping to reduce drag.

By using a particular neoprene, designed with small bubbles of air, the suit offers 30% more buoyancy than other neoprenes in tactically selected areas to improve your posture and make your swim faster, more comfortable and each stroke more efficient.


Key Features:

  • ULTRA FLEXIBLE – the Predator is made from a stretchy nylon so the entire suit is flexible, however arms and underarms of just 0.88mm promote a natural stroke that helps to reduce fatigue. 

  • THERMODYNAMIC – although the suit’s top half is ultra thin, it has been lined with a titanium coating that will help to keep your arms warm and standardise your body temperature.

  • VARIED BUOYANCY – the suit's 5mm core panel and 4mm sides encourage hip rotation and buoyancy around your middle and lower half. This will improve your posture in the water and make you faster, as your core muscles will have to do less work to keep you in the correct position to swim efficiently.

  • CORE SUPPORT – the back and lower frontal panels are made of a slightly stiffer material to further support your core, saving you energy and reducing the risk of injury. The panels are completely impervious and so will provide support without getting heavier as you swim.


The Brand:

Founded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth in 1992, Orca's products are designed with resilience in mind. With over 20 years experience in the triathlon arena, they work tirelessly to create premium, performance-enhancing products for everyone from entry-level to professional athletes.

Orca have created a range of wetsuits that are intended to meet each individual's needs, their swimming style and budget. By focussing on several key areas, their ultimate aim is to make you move faster in the water.


Call us today on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via Webchat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.


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