Orca - SwimRun Calf Guard

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Orca - SwimRun Calf Guard


SwimRun specific Calf Guards that make up for the lack of buoyancy in the legs.


The Product:

Orca's SwimRun Calf Guards work perfectly with the Shorty Wetsuit by replacing the buoyancy lost in the legs that would normally be provided by a full length wetsuit.

The extra buoyancy in your lower legs also replaces the need for a pull buoy which you would then have to carry around for the run. The calf guards also allow you to kick during the swim whilst also providing extra protection for your legs whilst running through undergrowth or climbing over rocks.


Key Features: 

  • BUOYANCY - these calf guards provide the extra flotability that is lost by wearing running shoes during SwimRun competitions. They are made from 10mm thick neoprene with SCS 38 cell treatment to keep your legs from sinking. This hydrophobic, anti-drag coating also helps to increase your speed though the water to reduce your overall time.

  • PROTECTION - as well as improving your swimming technique, the guards prevent scratching and bruising to the lower legs that can commonly occur during SwimRun races.
  • COMPRESSION - the guards also have compressive qualities that help to reduce muscle fatigue, to enhance your performance and work harder, for longer.


The Brand:

Founded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth in 1992, Orca's products are designed with resilience in mind. With over 20 years experience in the triathlon arena, they work tirelessly to create premium, performance-enhancing products for everyone from entry-level to professional athletes. 

Orca have created a range of products that are intended to meet each individual's needs, their swimming style and budget. By focussing on several key areas, their ultimate aim is to make you move faster in the water.


Call us today on 0207 183 7245 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.


Reviews (1)

1st Aug 2017


Experimenting with swimrun kit and am finding these really good for the swim buoyancy without impacting on the run movement around the knees.

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