Made to Measure


Snugg Made to Measure Open Water Swimming Wetsuits

I think I must have been lucky. I asked my swim coach what Open Water Swimming wetsuit he would recommend and he said Snugg without hesitation - he had competed at elite level but I took his advice and still have my original Snugg and what a pleasure it has been.

Many of us are not a standard size [I am 6'6" and an ex Rugby player]. Off the peg wetsuits  are great for ~80% of us, however for those who just cant find a wetsuit to fit Snugg offers the perfect solution. Not as expensive as you might think, a Snugg wetsuit will fit perfectly and allow for the inevitable weight fluctuations. 

Snugg are UK based and if you change shape will adjust your wetsuit for a nominal charge. [They really are fair]. Many of the GB Elites send their branded wetsuits to Snugg to adjust to their exact size

One tip they get really busy when the open water season starts in April so my advice order them early!