Tri Packages

Triathlon 2017 Packages

MyTriathlon brings you some stunning package offers from your most trusted triathlon brands. 

Bronze Packages 

These are designed for novice triathletes who do not want to spend too much for their first triathlon. If you have planned more ran one triathlon you will want to go to the Silver packages which offer a better quality product that will last longer and offer better performance,

Silver Packages

These are designed for people who already know they will be entering more than one triathlon. The wetsuit will have more buoyancy and the tri-suit will offer more comfort.

Long Distance Package [Lauching Feb 17]

These are designed for triathletes planning an Ironman or Half Ironman distance. The wetsuit will be highly buoyant which most swimmers will require when swimming longer distances

Elite - Flexible Wetsuit Package [Launching Feb 17]

These are designed for strong swimmers swimming shorter distances. The wetsuits are the most flexible on the market.




- Huub, Zone3, Orca, 2XU and BlueSeventy.

 There are many products you will need for your first triathlon but if you're entered into a triathlon with an open water swim [a proper triathlon], you cannot do without a wetsuit, tri suit and race belt.