Orca - Men's Sonar Wetsuit - 1 Hire

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Orca - Sonar Wetsuit - Men's - EX-Rental 1 Hire


The new Sonar wetsuit is more versatile than ever, striking that fine balance between buoyancy and flexibility.


The Product:

Orca's Sonar Wetsuit for 2018 is their most versatile wetsuit, fitting both the budgets of most triathletes and their list of technical requirements.

The Sonar wetsuit is the complete package: offering great buoyancy in the lower body balanced with fantastic flexibility in the upper body and arms. This results in a suit that helps to improve your form, technique and body position in the water, strengthens your core and reduces drag all whilst preserving the full range of movement in your arms.

The new Sonar has thinner lower leg panels that have been treated with 39 cell nano SCS coating to reduce friction during transitions.

Aerodome 2 technology is used in the quad and hip area to provide 30% more buoyancy. Made from hundreds of cavities sandwiched between two layers of high quality neoprene, this raises your lower body in the water to facilitate your kick and preserve energy.

A laser cut collar and new outer flap with velcro on the outside of the suit work together to reduce friction and making to create a suit that is incredibly comfortable.

Hydolite panels, made from SCS coated Yamamoto neoprene, in the ankles of the suit help you to remove the Sonar quickly and easily in transition.


Key Features:

  • BUOYANCY - Aerodome 2 technology used in the lower body (hips and quads) provides 30% more buoyancy and lifts the body into the most efficient swimming position.
  • EXO-LIFT - a combination of neoprene, Aerodome and a third inner neoprene layer achieves maximum buoyancy with 0% water absorption.
  • FLEXIBLE - the suit's Infinity Skin lining incorporates bamboo fibres that offer greater flexibility with every stroke. It is antibacterial and retains your body heat for longer.
  • HYDRODYNAMIC - the Sonar is treated with Super Composite Skin to ensure you reach your top speeds in the water.
  • CORE SUPPORT - the Core Lateral Stabiliser (CLS) is a panel in the abdomen area that provides lateral support, preventing movement and reinforcing the core.
  • COMFORTABLE - the suit is designed to cause as little chafing as possible. Velcro has been added to the outer flap of the wetsuit. This, together with a laser cut collar, reduces the irritating friction that leads to chafing.
  • SPEED - new, thinner, lower leg panels make for even faster transitions. 
  • STRETCH - your breathing will remain unconstricted due to the Super Stretch lining used on the chest area.


The Brand:

Founded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth in 1992, Orca's products are designed with resilience in mind. With over 20 years experience in the triathlon arena, they work tirelessly to create premium, performance-enhancing products for everyone from entry-level to professional athletes. 

Orca have created a range of products that are intended to meet each individual's needs, their swimming style and budget. By focussing on several key areas, their ultimate aim is to make you move faster in the water.


Call us today on 0207 183 7245 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.


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The New Sonar is the complete package, the crème de la crème of wetsuits. The most versatile suit in our range, most of the triathlete community will find it fits their budget and technical requirements. Ideal for Total Swimmers looking for the perfect balance between flexibility and buoyancy, this wetsuit has both right where you need them: Buoyancy in the lower body and flexibility up top. This combination helps you to keep the best position in the water, reducing drag. Regardless of the kit you´ve used up to now, this benchmark wetsuit has been specifically designed to never let you down.

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