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Assos operates on a good, better, best when it comes to their Mille and Uma range. They pride themselves on offering no entry level products meaning even the cheapest is good enough to give you the edge in competition.

Take the Mille range for example, Mille GT is engineered with air cooling, muscle wrapping textures and streamlined regular fits - and this is just the start in the range. The Mille GTS, also known as ‘better’, no expense spared as it offers the rider more capabilities with longer rides and a 2 layer shock absorbing inserts. The GTO range or ‘best’ in the ladder, is the absolute pinnacle of the range. The GTO offers the absolute best features with targeted compression and ultrasoft, thermoregulating textiles.


The Uma range works the same, offering the Uma GT and Uma GTV. The Uma GT, like the Mille GT is defined by its air cooling and streamlined regular fits.The Uma GTV is the pinnacle of the women's GT line. It’s engineered for longer rides with added comfort and freedom. 


The Mille and Uma range is offered in all weather conditions with the brand bringing out the seasonal collections for Spring, Summer and Winter.