Snugg is the market leader in individually tailored triathlon wetsuits. Each Snugg suit is tailor made to your specific body shape.
Our unique tailoring service coupled with Snuggs exclusive Buoyancy Control System ensures your wetsuit perfectly enhances your individual swimming ability.

The importance of a correctly fitting triathlon wetsuit cannot be understated: a suit that is too tight may restrict breathing and certain movement. A suit too loose and you will be carrying an excess of water, Reducing your speed considerably. Another important factor is the buoyancy of your wetsuit; too much buoyancy in your suit can be as damaging to your swim time, as too little. Snuggs exclusively Buoyancy Control System enables us to design you a wetsuit that provides you with unrivalled hydrodynamics.

By removing all the horizontal seams, the shoulder has been radically redesigned using Neo X neoprene, in conjunction with Mega Stretch 6006 to produce the most flexible lat panel (on the Slipstream this panel is increased to below the elbow giving maximum flexibility).

With the combination of all these factors we have developed a wetsuit that will enable you to perform at the best of your ability, giving you the correct profile in the water for optimum speed. All our tailored suits are individually hand made, to your exact requirements, ensuring the highest quality.