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More Mile was founded in 2001 by a team of passionate runners in Newcastle upon Tyne. We’ve thrown on kit for 6am training runs in the snow. We’ve shuffled nervously on the start line. We’ve run up and down the trails of the Cheviot Hills. Trust us, we’ve been there! Our mission is to channel our collective experience; earned the hard way from years of training and racing into creating a range of footwear, sports apparel and fitness accessories that meet the needs of the most discerning athletes. We aim to create sports gear that helps you train and perform at your best. This ethos permeates every product we produce, from cushioned socks to light-weight race shorts.

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  • More Mile Mens Triathlon Suit

    More Mile

    More Mile Mens Triathlon Suit

     More Mile Mens Tri Suit  This unique suit is designed to meet the needs of male triathletes and those looking for a highly breathable garment. A pocket is strategically positioned for easy access and to limit the movement of the contents...

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