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The world’s first outdoor change robe

First launched in 2010, dryrobe® is the original weather-proof change robe. Since then there have been plenty of imitators, but none come close to its quality or performance.


Designed and developed by surfer Gideon Bright, no expense is spared in the construction of dryrobe® change robes. Whilst the concept of the garment hasn’t changed since its inception over a decade ago, the quality of materials and the design has continuously evolved, with performance and durability always at its core.

It looks like a dryrobe®, but is it?

There’s only one real dryrobe®. Proud creators of the world’s first outdoor change robe and over time there have been many imitators and change robes (of varying quality) that have popped up and occasionally these get described as ‘dryrobes’.


The term dryrobe® is in fact a registered trademark and customers need to know when they buy a dryrobe they are getting the trusted performance of a genuine dryrobe® product. 

What makes the dryrobe® Advance lining better than the rest?


The unique composition of the inner fleece enables it to perfectly balance insulation with the ability to wick water away from the skin. The moisture evaporates quickly due to venting in the design of the garment, without compromising its warmth and waterproof qualities.


In tests, the back2skinTM dry time is significantly faster than leading competitors. Meaning you can get in and out of the water multiple times a day without the dryrobe® Advance ever feeling damp.


Through years of extensive development, we believe that our fleece lining hits the sweet spot - balancing comfort with performance.

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