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  • Orca - Pull Buoy


    Orca - Pull Buoy

    PULL BUOY     If you’re looking to gain a better sense of balance in the water while increasing upper-body strength. The pull buoy promotes streamlined body position and allows specific upper-body and core-strengthening workouts...

  • HUUB - Toy Buoy 4


    HUUB - Toy Buoy 4

    HUUB - Toy Buoy 4 (2020 edition)     The new and improved Toy Buoy offers an even greater range of use     The original HUUB Toy Buoy has enhanced shaping, buoyancy and size to make it even more versatile, and allow you the...

  • HUUB - Big Buoy 4 Pull Buoy


    HUUB - Big Buoy 4 Pull Buoy

    HUUB - Big Buoy 4 Pull Buoy - 2020         A great training tool that offers a vital alternative to damaging your wetsuit in a chlorinated pool environment   The Product: The HUUB 'Big Buoy' Pull Buoy is for you if you...

3 of 3 Items