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BlueSeventy - Core Buoyancy Shorts with Aerodome Neoprene

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With Aerodome Neoprene

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Durable and buoyant shorts that encourage hip movement and correct swim posture.


The Product:

The Core Buoyancy Shorts with Aerodome Neoprene replace the need for a pull-buoy. When training in pools or open water, it is common to use a pull-buoy between your legs to simulate the feeling of competing when wearing a wetsuit. Pull-buoys can be awkward and can affect your stroke and kick as you try to grip the buoy between your thighs.

These shorts allow natural movement in the water, lifting your hips and legs to improve your posture when swimming. The bright designs along the sides will allow you and your position to be seen in the water; if you have a training partner or a coach they will be able to easily monitor and provide feedback on your hip rotation.

The shorts are designed to endure hours in the water, in a swimming pool or in open water, and so are ideal for both training and competing. The sides of the shorts are thinner, at just 3mm, which will make it easier to rotate your hips and improve your stroke. The buoyancy shorts have a high back to reduce the amount of water that might enter and slow you down when you are turning, and can be secured with a drawstring to ensure they stay in place.


Please note, you should wear a swimsuit underneath this garment. After every use the shorts should be cleaned in fresh water and hung to dry.


Key Features: 

  • BUOYANCY – the buoyancy quality of the shorts means you can accurately simulate the feeling of swimming in a wetsuit without having to use a pull-buoy; it creates a seamless transition to open water swimming.

  • ANTI-DRAG – practice swimming without the extra unnecessary water resistance from a pull-buoy.

  • 3MM SIDES – the front and back panels of the shorts are thicker 5mm neoprene to encourage buoyancy, but the sides are just 3mm to promote flexibility and allow you to easily rotate your hips.

  • HIGH VISIBILITY – the bright orange branding and patterns on the sides of the shorts will enable a training partner or coach to monitor and critique your posture and stroke.

  • HIGH BACK – this reduces water and air getting into the shorts, thus reducing water resistance once you are swimming, especially when turning.


 The Brand:

Based in New Zealand, BlueSeventy focus on providing top quality products for swimmers. Since 2006, they have been working on improving and developing the ultimate swimming experience.


Call us today on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.


Size Guide: 


We rarely run out of any size of the BlueSeventy Core Shorts. 

There are two buoyancy shorts available in the UK today. The Zone3 buoyancy short has been available since 2011 and is also available from MyTriathlon. The BlueSeventy Core short adds colour with its distinctive orange markings, which also provides a point of difference. 

The new Blue Seventy Core Shorts is a training aid to simulate the buoyancy of a wetsuit enabling you to rotate your body from your hips without having to focus on gripping a pullbuoy. They can be used in open water and the swimming pool.

The core shorts are made from 5mm Yamamoto Aerdrome SCS coated neoprene at the front with thinner 3mm neoprene panels at the side for extra flexibility and to promote hip rotation. Bright Orange graphics in targetted areas provide your swim coach with an easy focus point for analysing your hip and body rotation. The unique design opens at the thigh making the core short easy to take off in between sets. [A swimsuit should be worn underneath]



Built with the same top of the line materials as our award-winning wetsuits, the Core Short is designed to simulate the lift of a wetsuit resulting in a seamless adjustment to swimming on race day. It improves distance per stroke, speed and body position, all without the bulk and drag of a pull buoy while allowing natural kick, hip rotation and turning for all four strokes. The Core Short is positioned to become a staple training tool for swimmers and triathletes of all abilities.





  • Replicates the body position of a wetsuit resulting in a seamless adjustment to swimming on race day.
  • Constructed of high quality Yamamoto neoprene featuring buoyant Aerodome rubber in the front, 5mm rubber in the back and thinner 3mm side panels to promote rotation.
  • Highly flexible 4 way stretch jersey. 
  • Bright orange graphics on the hips provide immediate feedback to the swimmer and coach on the pool deck of proper hip rotation.
  • SCS coating makes the core short durable and hydrophobic.
  • Longer length provides additional buoyancy.
  • Higher back limits water entry during turns.
  • Drawstring at waist secures fit.
  • Available in 5 unisex sizes.
  • The core short should be rinsed inside out with fresh water after each use and hung dry. 








Reviews (16)

Matthew Wilkinson 23rd Jan 2018


These shorts are amazing. Since I have started using them my stroke has improved massively.

David Burke 1st Aug 2017

Swim shorts

Really good and they do what they say they do - I would recommend them highly

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Additional Info