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Compressport TR3 Aero Trisuit


 This suit provides the perfect balance between aerodynamics, comfort and protection.


The Product: 

The compression and postural strip that run along the spine of this trisuit will help to ensure your upper back and shoulders remain aligned throughout your run. This helps to reduce tension and encourage blood circulation, thus improving the speed at which you recover. When your shoulders are straight it makes it easier for you to expand your ribs, meaning you can breathe at full lung capacity.

The front zip allows you to expand your chest further when necessary, and, combined with targeted mesh areas and small holes all over, allows maximum ventilation throughout the suit with quick drying capabilities. The zip is lined so it will not irritate the skin, and the toggle can be tucked away to avoid unnecessary distraction.

The material absorbs shocks and vibrations to save your muscles the pain and energy of absorbing them by themselves and the compression will help to expel the build up of lactic acid. The thermo-regulating aspect of the fabric also saves energy as your body does not have to do the job of warming you up or cooling you down.

Impermeable, water-repellent fibres will ensure you stay dry as you train, and Compressport's unique woven fabric helps to 'mirror-effect' your skin to provide vital thermoregulation. Your suit will feel like a second skin: keeping you warm in winter and cool in warmer conditions.

The suit provides UPF 50+ and the textured areas on the crotch mean that you will stay secure in the saddle.


Key Features: 

  • ULTRA SUPPORTIVE – the compressive nature of the fabric will combat muscle oscillations and provide stability in your joints whilst also reducing and absorbing vibrations to lower your risk of injury and prevent pain. The pressure distribution is second to none due to the circular woven fabric.

  • 100% WATER RESISTANT – the fabric of the quads will wick away any moisture whilst remaining waterproof; no matter how much rain falls or how much you sweat, they will be dry, comfortable and lightweight.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT – the garment can be worn in winter or summer as it will not absorb water - keeping you light and dry throughout the race.

  • SHOCK ABSORBING – both the fabric and the suit's ergonomically designed, ultra-comfortable tri pad absorb shocks as you cycle, saving you pain and reducing fatigue of the muscles.

  • THERMODYNAMIC – as the fabric is water repellent it will wick away moisture to keep you dry. This, along with the suit's ‘heat exchange’ properties, will help thermoregulation. The suit helps to encourage circulation right to the surface of the skin and can improve your thermo-regulation by 51%.

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL – the suit has been treated to prevent the cultivation of bacteria. This reduces health risks as well as making the suit naturally odourless. The suit is also certified to be chemical-free. 


The Brand:

Compressport believe there is no room for frills. Everything they design is with efficiency and performance in mind. They design, trial and modify their products with professional athletes in over 70 countries to ensure they meet the requirements of those who compete in intense endurance sports, and can face up against the toughest conditions possible.


Call us today on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.




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