2XU - Men's GHST Wetsuit - Ex-Rental 1 Hire

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2XU - GHST Wetsuit - Men's - Ex-Rental 1 Hire




The GHST Wetsuit supports your core and offers buoyancy whilst remaining extremely lightweight.


The Product:

The GHST Wetsuit is ultra lightweight suit that provides great buoyancy without conflicting your overall flexibility, for a natural 'no-wetsuit' feel in the water.

The Nano SCS coating repels water to lower the suit's resistance in the water, making you more hydrophobic - increasing your speed . Additionally, this technology decreases body fatigue by keeping the body warmer and enhances the suit's overall durability and abrasion resistance.

The suit has a 520% stretch internal lining for unparalleled freedom of movement and a natural feeling within the water. 39 CELL neoprene is the most buoyant neoprene available and is used up to a thickness of 5mm on the lower torso and legs, which is the maximum permitted, for optimal buoyancy.  40 CELL neoprene is used on the chest and arms to ensure your freedom of movement is not inhibited. Intermediate Zone Stretch panels and thin neoprene on the shoulders also optimise your flexibility for unrestricted movement.

Buoyancy is maximised with a Front Buoyancy Panel for incredible speed and optimal positioning in the water. The added Rollbar technology improves your core position, lifting your body and preventing excess roll, making your overall stroke more efficient. These features work together to help you swim faster and conserve energy.

Your speed through the water is aided by lower leg propulsion panels that boost your power with each kick, and the catch panels on each arm help to enhance your proprioception and help you to make a streamlined entrance into the water.

The floating zip panel unzips fully from top to bottom to promote your distance per stroke and the shoulders and arms are composed of seamless 1mm thick neoprene for maximum freedom of movement. 


Key Features:

  • 520% STRETCH - the internal lining offers fantastic flexibility and ease of movement as well enhancing your lateral flexibility.

  • NANO SCS COATING - provides an additional 4% buoyancy as well as a superior hydrodynamic coating for speed both in and out of the water.
  • UNRIVALLED FLEXIBILITY - the IZS seamless shoulder and underarm panels offer full freedom of movement.
  • FLEXIBLE FRONT PANEL - the 40 CELL chest and arm panels with seamless buoyancy inserts improve buoyancy and provide maximum flexibility.
  • BUOYANT LEG PANELS - the 39 CELL lower torso and leg panels optimise your buoyancy and improve your overall position in the water.
  • VELOCITY STRAKES - these help to give you hydrodynamic stability.
  • CATCH PANELS - the forearm catch panels enhance your proprioception and help to streamline your entrance into the water.
  • MAXIMUM POWER - the lower leg propulsion panels increase your kick power and boost your speed.
  • TRANSITION PANEL - uses seam overlap technology.
  • FLOATING ZIP PANEL - increases your movement for a better DPS.
  • ROLLBAR - helps your core buoyancy and improves your overall position in the water.


The Brand: 

2XU (“Two Times You”) is an Australian sportswear brand, started in 2005, that specialises in compression and recovery-wear.

As the compression partner to some of the world’s best teams, their compression products are a vital part of any athlete’s sports kit: helping you to recover, regenerate and perform at your best.


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