Mako N-Joy Wetsuit - Ex-Rental One Hire

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Mako N-Joy Wetsuit - Ex Rental One Hire


The N-Joy benefits from several of the technical advantages and improvements made to the B-First and eXtreme over the last few years.
The inside is entirely lycra for extra comfort and the forearms are equipped with the “Shark Skin Grip”. The suit boasts 100% Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene.

The aim of this model is to offer the best value for money possible whilst offering incredible performance.

The N-Joy is a Unisex suit and will fit both men and women.

Neck: The neck is cut low from 1.5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene to avoid skin irritations and uncomfortable compression.

Arms and shoulders: Very supple 1.5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS outer and stretch jersey inner means this suit allows complete freedom of movement.

Shark Skin Forearm grip: Allows better mastery of your arm movement and a better « feel » for the water.

Wrists: High-cut wrists makes for extra-fast transitions.

Chest and Upper legs: 5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene allows for excellent buoyancy and glide through the water.

Back: 5mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene with an invisible zip means better hydrodynamics and less water entry.

Lower leg : ultra supple 3mm Yamamoto 39 SCS neoprene. High cut for lightning fast transitions.

Inner Jersey: Lycra inner jersey laminated to the body, legs and arm pieces for greater comfort and quicker transitions.


Mako Founder

After racing triathlons for 10 years and having tried and tested I don't know how many wetsuits from all the major brands, I realised that the only way to find a product that would completely satisfy me would to be to create it myself ! I knew what I wanted but I couldn't find it among what was on the market : too tight here, too large elsewhere, too fragile, not supple enough So an idea seeded itself in my head and slowly germinated until I decided to jump into the deep end !

My objective was to create something completely new. To do that I had to go off the beaten track and try not to be influenced by the products that were already available. Thats why I didnt use any existing patterns, I wanted to create my wetsuit from A to Z . To do that I asked as many triathletes who were willing to help as possible to fill out a sizing chart which I then used to make my first prototypes.

The arrival of the first prototype was an important step forwards... The project was coming together little by little...

Thanks to the network of friends in triathlon that I had built up over my years of racing, I was able to have this first try tested by a wide panel of people, from beginners to international athletes. The prototype then underwent numerous modifications following the feedback from the athletes and from what I could see once the wetsuit was in action !

During a test with Carole Péon I met Jessica Harrison. We immediately hit it off and our first conversations about the project were very interesting. We have the same vision but with very different, and complementary, skills, which is invaluable for the long-term development of the product and Mako brand.

After over a year of field testing and fine-tuning I started selling my first Mako wetsuits at the beginning of 2009.

Since then Jessica has joined me working on the project, especially on the graphic and design side of things.

The Mako brand continues to grow and our goal is to continually evolve our products and create new ones. With always the same will to start from scratch and rethink the product to obtain the best possible result and give complete satifaction to the user, whether hes a beginner or an international athlete. »

Jérémie Chapon 
Founder of Mako

Mako Brand

Mako [ma:keu] n,pl makos (lat. Isurus Oxyrinchus) or mackerel shark : shark belonging to the same family as the great white sharks (Lamnidae). Exceptionally fast, it is reknowned for its extremely fast swim speeds (up to 100 km/h) that enable it to jump up to 9m in the air  [not that Triathletes will need to jump that high:) ]


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