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Orca - Equip Wetsuit - Women's


Maximum flexibility, ideal for Natural Swimmers

The latest Orca Equip Women's Wetsuit harnesses Yamamoto 39 technology and combines it with the most stretchable lining on the market, with just the right amount of buoyancy.

This produces an optimal suit for natural swimmers, meaning you don't need to raise your lower body so much that you kick out of the water. The result is an unrivalled feeling of freedom.



FLEXIBILITY: The Infinity Skin interior lining is used throughout the wetsuit, providing a feeling of complete freedom. The arms, only 1.5mm thick, give the unprecedented flexibility of a top of the range wetsuit.

BUOYANCY: The buoyancy offered by this wetsuit, thanks to the 39-cell SCS, keeps your position raised and horizontal without affecting your swimming technique. It is perfectly buoyant, maintaining the thermal insulation that you need.

SPEED: The wetsuit's Yamamoto front panel, coated with 39-cell SCS, reduces friction while you are swimming. HydroLite panels help make the wetsuit easier to remove so your transitions become even faster.

COMFORT: The inclusion of these technologies, applied in the way they were meant to be, creates a more lightweight feel while you're in the water. So it's ideal for swimmers who feel less comfortable using a wetsuit.

VERSATILITY: You can choose your new Equip Men's Wetsuit in a range of different colours and designs.



  • Yamamoto


    The Yamamoto Corporation is the world’s main supplier of high-performance neoprene. Its seal is a mark of quality, technology and innovation.

  • 39 CELL

    Yamamoto 39cell is an extremely flexible neoprene which helps wearers achieve an uninhibited natural swimming motion. 39cell is capable of being stretched to a massive 513% elongation rate, meaning the material is sure to move with you. Added benefits of zero water absorption and zero weight variation can mean only one thing: more speed. A fine balance between buoyancy and flexibility, 39cell is a durable material which will stand the test of time and distance, representing the best neoprene available in it’s class.


    Super Composite Skin (SCS) is the leading triathlon wetsuit lining because of its capacity to reduce friction and to provide the best possible hydrodynamics. Orca uses the most innovative version of Nano SCS, developed by the Yamamoto company, to ensure top speed in the water. The friction coefficient in the water of Orca’s Nano SCS is 0.026, as compared to an average of 4.0 for the other wetsuits.


    The HydroLite panels help the wetsuit come off easier, for faster transitions. This technology, combined with the SCS coating, helps the water slide off your wetsuit, without permeating it, considerably improving your hydrodynamics.


    The inner Infinity Skin lining provides the feeling of absolute freedom. Designed based on a high-elasticity nylon that incorporates bamboo fibres, this technology is applied to the lining of our wetsuits to offer you greater flexibility with each stroke. This cloth helps your body retain heat for longer, and combats body odour and the appearance of bacteria in your wetsuit. It is also made from natural eco-friendly materials to prevent the appearance of skin irritation and care for the environment.


The Brand:

Founded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth in 1992, Orca's products are designed with resilience in mind. With over 20 years' experience in the triathlon arena, its developers work tirelessly to create premium, performance-enhancing products for everyone from entry-level to professional athletes.

Orca has created a range of wetsuits that are intended to meet each individual's needs, their swimming style and budget. By focussing on several key areas, Orca ultimately aims to help you move faster in the water.


Call us today on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via Webchat for friendly, expert advice. We will also answer any of your sizing queries.


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