Xtenex X300 Sports Laces

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Xtenex X300 Tri Laces

Efficient and stylish, Xtenex are the lace of choice from triathletes to long distance runners and golfers alike. 


The Product:


Their patented knot system allows for a snug and secure fit, whilst also allowing feet to swell and shrink without discomfort. These shoelaces will change your triathlon experience.

Xtenex have created a lace that is not only comfortable and convenient, but that is also loved by athletes, recreational sportspeople and medical professionals alike. 


Key Features:


  • PATENTED KNOTS – stretching the lace causes the knots to disappear, releasing the tension makes them reappear. This allows for adjustable tension and breathable comfort when on the go.

  • TENSION ZONES – when stretched, the laces will feed through the eyelets of your shoes with ease, but as you begin to lace your shoes you can modify the amount of tension you require between each eyelet. Unlike conventional laces, (where the only tension zone is where you tie the bow) the knots will then hold this pattern, meaning your shoe is laced to fit with the tension zones built to fit you.

  • LONG LASTING - the knots' specific shape also means the laces will not require tying; because there is no knot tying, there is no stopping to tie or retie loose or unravelled laces.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT – So long as your eyelets are standard size, MyTriathlon offers these stylish laces in a variety of colours meaning you can suit them to match your shoe.


The Brand:


Xtenex’s breakthrough product means that everyone’s feet can breathe freely. Your shoes as a whole not only become more comfortable, but the technology of the laces mean that when competing, your laces expand and retract allowing your blood to circulate more freely – by the time you cross the finish line it means a much more speedy recovery for you and your feet!


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Reviews (3)

18th Jan 2016

Why doesn't everyone have a pair?

Best thing I've bought for running in ages. Good quality, good idea.

Kenwin 1st Sep 2015

Great product!

Really great product. Have been using for everyday shoes for few years. Decided to use them for sports shoes too. They're that good!

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Additional Info