HUUB - 2020 - Men's Aegis III Wetsuit

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HUUB - Men's Aegis III Wetsuit




A buoyant, low-drag wetsuit with fantastic flexibility at an accessible price point


The Product:

The Aegis III Wetsuit is designed to deliver both high-level performance and value for money. Features that were once reserved for HUUB's flagship suit, the Archimedes have now been included in the Aegis' design. The result is a definitive suit for its price.

These new features include HUUB's X-O Skeleton, which gives the suit a durable structure and reduces wasted energy by discouraging movement in your hips and pelvis. This feature reduces fatigue and helps you swim faster and for longer.

The HUUB Aegis III wetsuit also offers an exclusive Rotational Freedom Flex panel design that optimises your range of movement in order to give that 'no-suit' feeling in the water.

The suit offers a smoothskin for reduced drag, with a 3:5 ratio buoyancy for those who require more lift in the legs and hips region than the arms and shoulders. The neoprene, at 3mm, is thin enough to provide HUUB's renowned flexibility whilst still giving you a great level of buoyancy. This, combined with a high stretch lining, helps to keep your stroke as natural as possible in the water.

The unique low neckline is one of the most comfortable in the industry - HUUB doesn't fold, stitch or tourniquet the rubber, creating an effective design that does not hinder your breathing.

As well as an ultra-comfortable neckline, the speed cut ankles and breakaway zipper make this wetsuit not only highly comfortable, but super-easy to take off in transition.

The Aegis III wetsuit's thermal lining makes it suitable to wear for the most extreme triathlon events, so if you're determined to test yourself to the limits, this suit makes an excellent addition to your racing armoury! Check our latest price and availability today, and order with confidence from

Key Features:

  • 3:5 ­BUOYANCY RATIO -  this ratio is designed for those who need more lift in the legs and hips than the arms and shoulders. This buoyancy ratio will help to maintain your body's posture in the water, and thus reduce fatigue as your core will be relieved from having to do the hard work needed to keep your hips high in the water.  

  • X-O SKELETON – the X-O Skeleton does a similar job to our skeleton within the body: it keeps everything in the right place. The X-O Skeleton gives the suit a durable structure, and this reduces energy wastage as your hips and pelvis will move less (requiring less exertion to correct) and thus making you faster and reducing fatigue.
  • ULTRA-FLEXIBLE – the suit's exclusive Rotational Freedom Flex panel design provides incredible freedom of movement, facilitates your stroke and enhances that no-suit feel.

  • LOW NECK - a new, lower neckline prevents chafing and does not adversely effect your breathing.

  • FAST - the speed-cut ankles and breakaway zipper make the suit ultra-fast to take off in transition, saving you precious seconds. An added breakaway zipper helps you make a fast transition.



Size Guide:




The Brand: 

At the forefront of sports science and design, HUUB produces triathlon clothing worn by the very best elite athletes - including Helen Jenkins and the Brownlee brothers. The company is constantly researching innovative ways to maximise the potential of the athletes who wear their products.


Call us today on 0207 183 4116 for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.


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