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Best of the Best Wetsuits

Orca Apex Flow


A revolution to Orca and wetsuits as a whole. With completely unrestricted buoyancy and felxibility, it would be hard to find anything that offers something better. 


With Orca also being a well trusted company with many quality products behind them, you'd be silly not to at least check this one out. Don't be scared by its price tag, it will last longer than your car

HUUB Vegeance 3:5


With a ultra-high Japanese neoprene that is placed strtegically placed to deliver a suit which has uncompromised stretch. 


The wetsuit also has exclusive technology delivering total rotaional freedom. By reducing the tension in the arms and shoulders, you can get the most out of every swim stroke.

Zone3 Vanquish


With cutting edge technology which collects energy from the atmosphere that then re-remits this energy so that the body can absorb it. You will notice an instant difference as soon as you get into the water.


With the main aim being to conserve energyu,  you will feel each stroke being easier.

Orca Zeal Openwater Hi-Vis


This hi-vis option will ensure that you are seen everywhere and perform everywhere. 


The Aerdome 2 Technology incorporates tech that gives the wetsuit a high level of buoyancy, boosting your legs and your confidence in the water.


The thermal insulation allows your body to conserve energy where it needs it most too, meaning you can throw everything you have into going forwards.