Free 90 Day Returns

This appies to the UK only on purchases over £50.

If you return your product within 90 days, we will refund 2nd class postage to your account [plus POD charge - requiring a signature] providing the product is being exchanged for another size, colour or an alternative product. 

If you return all products on your order the transaction will be refunded in full and the postage refund will be credited to your account. If just one product on a multi order is kept or exchanged then the postage will be refunded.

We understand that you may wish to purchase more than one product, we are happy to ship up to four products free of charge and if we ship four products we will pay for the return of up to three products [i.e. if you keep one product, the return postage will be refunded] If you return all four or more products we will not pay for the return postage, and will deduct a shipping charge from the refund. 

For Returns of an Ex Rental Wetsuit see below.

Ex Rental Wetsuits

Ex Rental wetsuits must be checked on receipt. Any damage must be reported by telephone AND e-mail to within 48 hours, AND returned within 4 working days. After this period the wetsuit is non returnable. If it is returned and a refund sought, we reserve the right to offer a refund after deducting a charge for the rental of the wetsuit for the time it takes for the wetsuit to be returned. The minimum charge for a Standard wetsuit [that retails new for less than £200] would be £45 for one week, £55 for two weeks. Better quality wetsuits rentals are between £75-£149 for a one week rental and up to £149-£249 for a month long rental. Please note that a 2 hire will already have some minor damage on it, that has been repaired. 

We do NOT refund return postage on Ex Rental Wetsuits.

Returns Process

Sign into your account using your user name and password. If you've forgotten your password you can re-set it.

Go into your completed order and press the RETURNS button. Explain exactly what you want us to do - e.g. exchange for the size Large.  Then return the product ensuring you include your original paperwork AND your new RETURNS number. This will speed up the returns process, since everyone - the warehouse, head office and you can see what was requested. 

Ship returns to this adddress ensuring you get proof of delivery.


c/o Blade


Lambs Farm Business Park




Refunds can take 21 days, although if the returns process has been followed above it should be quicker.