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Ready For Your First Wetsuit

Welcome to MyTriathlon, an independent on-line retailer specialising in Triathlons and open water swimming.


We offer some unique differences

- We offer a personal service that includes providing expert advice to novice triathletes and open water swimmers. You can contact us in the following ways:-


- By web chat. these days it's easy to communicate using web chat

- By e-mail. We endeavour to reply same day, please be patient during the busy season.

- You can telephone us on 0207 1834116 - no-one else wants you to call them these days !


We offer the most trusted brands - Orca, Zone3, 2XU, BlueSeventy, Zoot and Huub wetsuits. Between them they have over 60 wetsuits and we stock them ALL!

More importantly depending upon the distance you are likely to be swimming, how strong a swimmer you are, your body shape and sometimes other factors such as the type of event you are considering entering, we can narrow the choice down to 2-3 wetsuits fpr you.


Uniquely we offer 

1   New Wetsuits to purchase

2   New wetsuits to HIRE - useful if your first event may be your last - common if its a challenge for charity. 

3   Try Before You Buy - We offer this through our wetsuit Hire business. You hire your wetsuit for your event or events [from 2 weeks to the whole season]. At the end of the hire you can decide whether it is the wetsuit of you, and can buy the wetsuit - of course your rental will be deducted!

3   Ex Rental Wetsuits - these are usually at the lower price points, but we also have some better quality wetsuits too.



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We will also give you the opportunity to speak with one of our wetsuit experts who will help you decide the best choice for you.